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The outdoors is there for a reason, to enjoy it! Through this trend we run from the gentle leisurely pursuit Mother Nature allows us, to a higher level of performance. The concept of this trend is that we are free to enjoy life and make the most of it, and for Spring/Summer 2018 there should be no stopping us.

There is a respectful awareness to the inspiration from sustainable aspects to being inspired by a relaxed vibe of the past and respect through to interpreting different traditions. A strong emphasis is placed on sustainable processes throughout the textile chain, from fiber to finish. The liberty of life also influences the fabrics, lightweight, comfortable and most of all new-generation flexibility and stretch, combined with the added ability to protect.

Natural and man-made fibers’ performance collide, we want the best experience, but in this trend they take a laid back attitude in terms of appearance, as dry and matte through to aged surfaces feature. Form natural touch to beat-up basics, this is a slightly iconic direction when it comes to prints with artisan and retro aspects featuring. Enjoyment is the buzz word, whether it is a walk in the countrysideor sitting around a beach re on a balmy night. Make the most of what we have and be content. Like life, nothing is perfect, and this is reflected throughout the optical and textural aspects of the products on offer, as a rebellious streak features offering the consumer a relaxed reassurance.

  • BCI cotton, recycled and organic
  • Lyocell, modal and cooper
  • Natural touch air textured synthetic yarns
  • Recycled polyester and nylon with added performance
  • UV protection is a key component in yarn or nish for this outdoor trend
  • Chlorine resistant spandex/elastane - withstands chlorine, salt waterand suntan lotions
  • Eco-friendly chemical finishes
  • Textured yarns for grainy touch
  • Aramid fibers for extra tenacity to lightweight fabrics
  • Textile processes that reduce water and energy
  • Performance chenille yarns for rebellious surfaces
  • Cut eyelash yarns and macro boucle yarns for erratic textures
  • Powdery and distressed placement prints and transfers

  • Performance denim - jog jeans with 360° degree stretch inknits or woven applications - enhanced stretched recoveryplus moisture management
  • Tough anti-abrasive denim blended with aramid yarns - urban sports
  • Mono and bit stretch woven with performance membranes -fabrics are crisp and lightweight
  • Cotton and cellulosics for super soft natural touch
  • Flexible stretch fabrics - technical or spandex/elastane blends
  • UV protection - essential for the outdoor features of this trend
  • Lightweight compact gabardine, rigid or stretch for shorts andpants - keep solid or update with print placement
  • Lightweight jersey with a natural touch
  • Velour structures in matte rigid or stretch fabrics -bond onto single jersey for a contrasting detail
  • Functional chambray - natural gleam
  • Brushed surfaces for a sueded finish on the technical and face
  • Blistered and irregular surfaces for a rebellious streak -break the mold and let fabrics be free
  • Warp knits for beach swimwear with high performance spandex/elastane that protects against the salt water, sun lotion and sand
  • Coordinated swimwear prints on UV fabrics forbeachwear application
  • Micro light fleece
  • Retro French terry in hybrid blends - cotton/synthetics with amatte appearance and dry touch
  • Lightweight interlock - update by applying a functional membraneallowing a second layer to be the outer layer
  • Functional stretch membranes feature on second layers forthose summer showers
  • Moisture management and anti-bacterial are key performance factors
  • Prints from sublimation to digital feature - go wacky
  • Matte rip stops - super light weight, anti-abrasive and anti-rip
  • Trims and accessories take on a beat-up appearanceincorporating recycled materials
  • Aged and distressed finishings
  • Crosshatch woven nylon with a natural touch with aramid bers for backpacks and footwear

  • Soft touch base layers
  • Woven and knit second layers
  • Fashion/functional streetwearwith a performance feature
  • Durable outer layers

  • Athleisure
  • Hiking
  • Beach sports apparel and swimwear - srufers style
  • Leisurely outdoor activities
  • Street sports




Opposites attract and with LUCID dazzling aspects vie against perfectly porous and powdery structures, this trend sees compact versus openwork in nano structure detail. This super light generation of fabric is deceptivein its appearance as its light approach actually delivers high level performance. From micro spacer fabrics to neoprene-inspired mesh, it is very uniformed and geometric, precise and punctual in all end products.

Hosiery-inspired knits influence vapory circular knits, with structures almost invisible to the eye, they deliver a strong opacity and t. There is a vapory and eye-catching aspect, as super light weight surfaces are delicately changeable in tone to the eye.

Flexibility and iridescent yarns feature with colored reflective aspects through to the glistening of sh scales. Cooling technology is key through to innovative prismatic tones derived from synthetic yarns through to digital printing,A crystal clear message comes through, lighter than light fabrics with an abundance of performance and a visual appeal from summer white throughto whitened bold and neon tones. This is the ultimate in technology with an elite edge and acute in its direction to shine through.

  • Polypropylene for super lightweight performance
  • MoirĂ© and iridescent decorative membranes for shells
  • Tri-lobal synthetics
  • Mineral embedded yarns for cooling performance
  • Opaque white yarns
  • Full dull nylon yarns for contrast against bright tri-lobal yarns
  • Subtle space dyed yarns
  • Faint rainbow melange yarns
  • Micro fine denier synthetic yarns in nylon and polyester - with UV protection,intense moisture management, cool touch and quick dry as permanent function
  • Cationic dyed yarns for two-toned effect
  • Cooling finishes
  • Anti-bacterial yarns and finishes
  • FIR yarns for renewed energy and wellbeing

  • Featherlight circular knits - hosiery inspired
  • Subtle metallic prints
  • Micro neoprene for shells
  • Compression fabrics
  • Silicon protection - encased between two fabrics
  • Zoned compression
  • Clean-cut fabrics
  • Soft functional polyester knits with a powdery touch
  • Paper touch lightweight wovens with functionalmembrane finishing
  • Laser cut technology on compact warp knits and spacer fabrics
  • Trims and tapes with an iridescent appeal - heat bonded for aseamless look
  • Lustrous surfaces from yarns or finishes
  • Silky touch featherweight knits - gossamer in style
  • Opalescent finishes
  • Optical texture through yarn use but knits and woven fabricsare incredibly compact and at flat DWR finishes
  • Light, multi composite fabrics - multi layered performance
  • Spacer fabrics with contrasting bright/matte combinationsthrough yarn use or printing
  • Gloss and iridescent prints though to pearly finishes for subtlechanging reflectivity
  • Holographic prints and transfer
  • Perfect bright gloss to matte coatings-shell-like andprotective in appearance
  • Crisp and modern rip stops with multi performance
  • Sleek and seamless garments
  • Iridescent and changeant plastic trims
  • Gleaming platinum metal trims
  • Play with transparency in clear or colored plastic accessories
  • Colored metal trims, snappers and eyelets
  • High tenacity anti-abrasive wovens and knits
  • Erratic prints for outer layers
  • Low scrunch noise on 3-layer shell fabrics withhigh performance for skiing

  • Active intimate apparel
  • Compression base layers
  • Seamless garments and sockswith or without compression
  • Streamlined base layers
  • Compression recovery second layers
  • Performance second layers for shells
  • Micro light outer shells

  • Track Cycling
  • Running
  • Marathon
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball base layers and second layers
  • Tennis base layers
  • Soccer base layers
  • Gymnastics
  • Soft equipment - tents, back packs, shoes




Come on, let’s do it! VIGOR is set to put the vitality, vivacity, vibrancy and all round punch back into the sportswear sector. Let’s roll with it, get energized and excited from colorations through to textures without neglecting the performance aspects. Fabrics and accessories in this sector need a zany makeover. This is about being seen and making a statement and leaving the traditional tones behind.

Forget the previous geometric and optical prints, lets go a bit o road and get abstract and kooky. This about savoring that exhilarating feeling and adrenaline rush when reaching our goals. Geared towards the tness sector, synthetic bases continue to rule. The favored lightweight fabrics with various levels of performance from UV protection to moisture management and quick dry need to set up a notch, it’s a competitive world and the energy this trend brings through in pure coloruse and graphics is set to take it to a new level.

Color is key, but playing with the levels of luster of fabric from semi-bright through to mega bright offers the opportunity to create new direction on the design front. An optimistic trend, it isn’t without a cheeky curveball appeal, with fabrics, trims and accessories offering not just function but an element of surprise.

  • High power spandex/elastane for core stability
  • High color longevity and brilliance in synthetic and spandex yarns
  • Chlorine resistance spandex for fitness swimwear
  • Multi functional performance synthetics in highgloss through to matte applications
  • Lightweight, UV protection, moisture management, anti-bacterial,quick dry feature as the key functions from fiber to finish
  • Bright to mega bright brilliant tri-lobal nylon
  • Stretch metallic and luminous coatings
  • Glow in the dark yarns and finishes
  • Fluorescent and phosphorescent yarns and finishes
  • Digital prints update the lightweight but denseaspects of the core stability base layer
  • Iridescent yarns

  • Erratic and drop stick mesh structures in rigid or stretch qualitiesfor inserts
  • Textured surfaces from structure through to gum/silicone prints
  • Cool touch technology is a key aspect of this trend teamed withmoisture management
  • Thermal regulation fibers and finishes
  • Sublimation and digital prints
  • Core power fabrics and engineered compression inanatomical styling
  • Reflective trims and print for outer shells and running tights
  • Bi-stretch jacquard effects
  • Irregular raised surface performance jacquards
  • Erratic and drop stitch mesh structures in rigid or stretch qualitiesfor inserts
  • Power mesh structures with a super soft touch
  • Micro rip stops - lightweight outer shells with added detailto the chaotic appeal this trend brings
  • Moldable spacer fabrics for sports bra cups
  • Compact warp knits and neoprene that can be laser cut for addeddecorative detail
  • Crossover appeal from dry workout gear for the studio to the pool -multi functional performance and added value to the consumer
  • Base layers - compression workout through to swim fabrics
  • Fitted and loose fit fabrics for second layers
  • Second layer outer shells
  • Microlight outer layers
  • Soft equipment - footwear and backpacks
  • Cardio funk and Zumba step and exhilarating hybrid fusion dance classes including capoeira
  • Cardio fusion classes
  • Aerobic classes - dry or aqua
  • Spin classes - Soul Cycle and Flywheel
  • Fitness swimming and aqua Zumba,aqua fitness, aqua spin
  • Fitness techno gym and fullbody cardio workouts
  • Funky athleisure
  • Soft equipment



A turbocharged feel features as fabrics and trims in this sector are outstanding in delivering enhanced performance, exceptional protection and premium function. High compression fabrics, feature in four-way stretch, taking on a biomimetic approach to the muscular structure of the body. Zoned compression fabrics in various power/weight ratio protect and embrace the muscular structures of the wearer. Reflective fabrics and trims feature in featherlight weights alongside high-tenacity fabrics using micro fine steel-strength aramid fibers. In the past the technology has been focused solely on the function, but for the Spring/Summer 18 season we need to look to lighter variations and more detailed surface effects that don’t deny the true benefit.

Performance boosting, there is a renewed modernity to this trend, it takes on a robot-inspired appearance in terms of the product structure, whether it be fabrics or trims zoned and inserted in the final garment. It is very precise and compact, protective and most importantly appealing, with a much softer and more comfortable wearability than before.

Intelligent interfaces on the technical or face of fabric improve performance from swim, running and triathlons, offering cool touch effects, water repellency, UV protection and quick dry. The fabrics are super modern and super sophisticated. These aren’t for the fainthearted, these are for athletes that want the best from their sports gear on terra firma or the high seas.With ACCELERATE they are set to have their wishes answered and receivethat added physical and mental determination to reach the winning line and achieve their personal best.

  • Aramid fibers in soft blends for tough and anti rip lightweight fabrics
  • Breathable, UV protection, quick dry and moisturemanagement all feature for exhertive activities
  • FIR yarns for enhanced energetic properties and wellbeing
  • Recycled synthetics made from plastic bottlesand waste retrieved from the ocean
  • High performance nylon with built in function including moisturemanagement, cool touch, quick dry and UV protection
  • Core compression and anatomical zoning in base layersthrough high powered spandex/elastane
  • Performance finishes - quick dry, UV protection, moisture management
  • Bright tri-lobal nylon yarns
  • Full dull nylon for matte bases perfect for applying brightand iridescent transfers and coatings for contrast
  • Reflective yarns, prints and transfers
  • Chlorine resistant spandex/elastane - reduceddegradation and longer lasting apparel
  • Matte laminates to o ffer a delustered effect on bright synthetic bases
  • Polypropylene for lightweight applications - especially involved in sea sports
  • DWR membranes

  • Compact and perfect surfaces feature in warp and circular knits
  • High power compression fabrics for base layers and anatomical support
  • Lighter weight performance fabrics that enhance the pursuance of asport as well as offering high level protection
  • Soft touch neoprene - jazz surfaces up for a new direction includingprints and transfers
  • Lighter weight neoprene with full level performance
  • Trims take on a bonded approach for a locked-in finish
  • Waterproof seamless transfers for added details
  • Impact protective lightweight waterproof foam
  • Apply hydrophobic finishes to warp and circular knits inspiredby nano technology in creating dry swimsuits
  • Super compact structures for pro swimwear to reduce drag andenhance performance
  • Chlorine resistant mesh for inserts
  • Soft touch, power stretch micro mesh
  • Micro fine nylon rip stop that can be advanced in performancethrough membrane technology
  • Lightweight woven for bottoms - hybrid blends for anti-rip
  • Quick dry nylon/spandex and polyester with UV protection for rash guard
  • Power stretch rib knits
  • Thermal regulation fabrics and finishes - cooling and warming duringthe high level of exercise to the cool down recovery period
  • Magnetic clasps
  • New generation waterproof zippers, incredibly light and bondable
  • Molded resin clasps - safe and secure
  • Molded spacer fabrics for aqua fitness
  • Stretch hyper realistic prints and transfers
  • Thermochromic waterproof stretch transfers

  • Base layers from swimwear to running tights and tops
  • Second layers including performance eeces and wetsuits
  • Outer layers - super lightweight shells
  • Backpacks and tents
  • Footwear

  • Water sports from fun fitness level to extreme - surfing, kite surfing, kayaking, y boarding and windsurfing
  • Diving and wild swimming
  • Pro swimming - for swimwearthat needs anti-drag for enhancedperformance plus longevity
  • Running - from fitness to pro
  • Triathlon
  • Road cycling
  • Cross training and warrior workouts
  • Iron man




Sophisticated in its intelligent aspect, SUAVE pulls from the pleasure of nature through touch and optical appeal with discreet added performance. Moisture management, anti-bacterial, cool touch and UV protection are just some of the added ingredients that take classic natural products to a new level. Don’t keep it plain, forget the pure cotton aspects and look to hybrid blends that mimic the authentic look and touch but deliver just that little bit more.

Fabrics are becoming incredibly lightweight yet retain durability. One key aspect of this trend is its direction to a more decorative demeanor as we expect to see fancier openwork and solid constructions come through. Solid base layer fabrics are complimented by lively textured fabrics or through optically raised relief detail through yarn combinations. For pattern and print inspiration look to an edgier organic inspiration in taking this calming, yet high performance mood, to a new level. Basics continue, with traditional melange and power stretch solids featuring in matte and bright finishes.

Flexibility is key in these fabrics, as new developments focus on stretch aspects from comfort to power in protecting the wearer. But it is sustainability thatis the ‘tour de force’ throughout the industry. In this particular trend it takes pole position in marrying natural and synthetic yarns, eco friendly finishes and chemicals alongside a much stronger development in the overall textile process, eliminating waste and reducing water and energy use.

  • BCI cotton - not just in pure but in new and intelligent hybrid combinations
  • Merino wool - thermal regulating qualities for all seasons andupdated through hybrid blends with high performance synthetics
  • Alternative natural-based bers including lyocell, spidersilk, milk, nettles, cork, kapok and seaweed
  • Bio mimicry - bers, fabrics and nishes that mimic nature
  • Polypropylene for the lightest featherweight knits with performance
  • Low heat settable spandex/elastane - reducing energy
  • Bio degradable synthetics and recycled syntheticsfor sustainable performance
  • Bio-based spandex/elastane and eco friendly spandex/elastane
  • Embedded silver and zinc for wellbeing and performance
  • Mineral embedded yarns - cooling through to energizing
  • Recycled synthetic yarns are pushing forward on the functional phase
  • Texturized synthetic yarns with a cotton touch and built in performance
  • Lightweight double sided fabrics with contrasting color and texture
  • Melange and striated space dyed yarns and innovativeone-dye batch colorations - water saving
  • Permanent performance yarns - moisture management,UV protection, anti bacterial, cooling
  • Reduced water and energy consumption for a sustainable approachin finishing
  • Prints - digital and sublimation feature on compact surfaces
  • Papery touch recycled nylon rip stop - membrane nished foradded protection

  • Brushed single jersey for smooth touch against the skin
  • Micro French terry toweling and micro soft lightweight fleece
  • Micro touch fleece - sumptuous touch but incredibly lighter in weight
  • Multi functional performance features in all sectors -moisture management, quick dry, UV protection and anti-bacterial
  • Mock breathable mesh and true mesh for ventilation inserts
  • Micro pique knits with moisture management and a dry hand
  • Clean cut spacer fabrics
  • Bi-stretch compact warp knits with the capability of clean cut nish,bonding and laser cut details
  • Super light but put powerful warp knits with a cooling experience
  • Clean cut warp knits - opportunity for compact knits to be laser cutfor added decorative detail
  • Fabrics are natural to touch but incredibly light due to thecotton-touch synthetics
  • Functional soft touch power mesh for inserts
  • Fabrics take on a natural sheen to compliment the matte and textured aspects
  • Hosiery-inspired circular knits for bra and top liners or vapory send layers
  • 360° stretch in warp knits and lightweight woven
  • Knitted and woven exible denim with four way stretch - jog jeans
  • Light to medium control in stretch in knits and wovens
  • Nano nishes for DWR - apply to interlock and single jersey
  • Stretch membranes - apply to second layers for lightweight activities
  • Jacquardtronic with organic inspired relief for a more feminine directions
  • Trims look to matte appearance with a stronger in fluence from recycled materials

  • Base layers - super important that fabrics are extremely soft against the skin whether streamlined or loose
  • Classic second layers - lightweight
  • Functional second layers withmembrane nishing eliminatingthe need for an outer layer
  • Seamless garments and socksfor zoned performance
  • Recycled components forfootwear and backpacks

  • Yoga/pilates
  • Barre ballet classes
  • Low impact cardio classesincluding body blade
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Lifestyle
  • Athleisure
  • Soft equipment




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